Quadry - ‘It Was Once My World’

EP Creative Direction

final album art

(front and back)



Hen House creative directed the campaign for QUADRY’s EP ‘It Was Once my World’ released under Tier Drop Records. We shot press photos and creative directed two single covers and one EP cover, as well as consulted on general storytelling and brand identity for project roll-out.

By blending screenshots from ‘THUGGIN IT AND LOVING IT’ (the artist’s favorite World Star video of 2000s Baton Rouge) with archive photos from Quadry’s past, we created the front and back covers. 


press photos, album art, creative direction, roll-out


Creative Director/Photographer: Nic Boozang
Asst. Creative Director: Franklin Wang
Executive Producer: Nicole Guillen, Jeff Ledellaytner
Producer: Zaira Diaz
Wardrobe/Styling: Alljahni Mack
Design: Connor Dewhurst / IAMNOTVERYCHILL
Production Company: Hen House

BTS Photography/Back Cover by Zaira Diaz

Record Label: Tier Drop / AWAL
Commissioners: Justin Lehmann, Ryan Stanton

final single covers

alternates single covers:

press photos (sets)

shock-drop assets

our favorite way to capturing an audience’s attention is a snippet that ends prematurely.

just enough to hook someone in and look out for future announcements.

see an example here ︎︎︎

nic & quad in brooklyn, 2022 ︎

est. 2020

New York, NY.